Augmented Reality – Real Estate


Augmented reality is adding value to a varity of aspects in the real estate sector. The following chapters introduce the most common fields.

AR for Planning and Constructing

When planning an architectural object many different people are involved during the whole processes. Since not individuals are able to understand constructing plans easily, augmented reality can be a very useful support tool.

The system setup to provide the mentioned function consists of two elements.

  • Collaborative Design Platform (Fig 1, left)
  • On Site AR Application (Fig. 1, right)
Fig 1: System set up

Collaborative Design Platform

The Collaborative Design Platform (CDP) is based on a multi touch screen surface enhanced with real 3D object recognition. In the planning phase 3D models can be placed on the CDP which automatically get recognized and digitally replicated in the central system.

On Site AR Application

The On Site AR Application is linked to the central system with wireless communication. This enables an operator on site to receive changes in the model in real-time. With the help of a mobile device (e.g. tablet, phone or augmented reality glasses) and AR technology, the virtual objects can be integrated in the physical environment

The concept provides a possible solution which allows to reflect design changes directly on site with the capabilities of Augmented Reality. [1]


AR for Real Estate Agents and Buyers

Augmented Retail can be used as a sales support tool for estate agents as well as for the buyers. Agents benefit from a faster communication with potential customer. Furthermore it is possible to get real time feedback whenever a potential buyer is looking at an AR advertisement. This can help to generate new customers with the right targeting.

Buyers can get a virtual tour of the property before the construction is even finished. It is also possible to change the interior design without the existence of actual furniture. This is huge improvement compared to looking at an outline design. Taking a virtual tour is a helpful decision support system for the process of buying new property. [2]




[1] R. Velasco, A. P. Brakke, and D. Chavarro, “Computer-Aided Architectural Design Futures. The Next City – New Technologies and the Future of the Built Environment,” Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelb., vol. 527, pp. 172–191, 2015.


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