Smart eyewear and the opportunities of the future

In the past and the near future, on Augmented Reality and technology conferences, one circular topic is often discussed: The evolution of the wearable technologies and the opportunities for the future in the consumer and the enterprise areas.

One discussed and upcoming subject is the next generation of smart eyewear. After Google had presented his Google Glass, the important question is, what happens next with this mobile computing platform and what are the applications in enterprises.

These topics are actually discussed at the Augmented and Virtual Reality conferences. Below there is a selection of presentations and discussions about Augmented Reality wearables, especially about Smart Glasses or Smart Eye Wear, at 2016 technology conferences.

Conference Name: Wearable Technology Show, March 2016, London, UK [1]

Presentation title: Sony Smart Eyeglass – Designing for the Human Being
Description: Customers doesn’t know the possibilities of Smart Eyeglasses and the question is, what would be good solutions and applications for them. This keynote expands Sony’s philosophical design considerations for Smart Eyeglass and what are Augmented Reality application designs and use cases.

Presentation title: An Introduction to Smart Eyewear
In this presentation several of the leading protagonists in Augmented Reality eye wear present their smart glasses. And they discuss the possibilities for consumer and enterprises with these new mobile computing platforms.

Conference Name: Augmented World Expo, June 2016, Santa Clara CA, USA [2]

Presentation title: Smart Glasses – Opportunities for the Enterprise Market
The main question of this short presentation is “what are the valuable opportunities for smart glasses in the enterprise?” The presentation will review the evolution of the technology and how that the industry has adopt this change to force up the power of human productivity.

Presentation title: The butterfly dream: Smart eyewear in 2031
The population of Augmented Reality devices will increase in the next 15 years and the eyewear looks almost like regular glasses. That makes the Augmented Reality industry very powerful and important and they will also bear great responsibilities. These topics and the future design choices will be discussed in this presentation.

Presentation title: The business impact of smart glasses for work
This presentation shares real stories on how business are deploying smart glasses into production environments. The presentation also gives an outlook how smart glasses begins to transform the workplaces and how workers will use technologies like Internet of Things IoT and big data analytics. Smart glasses connect the human workforce to with the intelligence of machines and data.

Conference Name: ARVR Innovate, April 2016, Dublin, Ireland [3]

This conference has one presentation about the topic of smart glasses and Augmented reality. The presentations title is “Immersive AR & Smart Glasses – the opportunities on the road to consumer adoption“, but there is no description of the content of this presentation.

A short discussion about smart glasses and smart eye wear

Since Google launched his Google Glass project, it is clear, that the use of wearable eyewear will be in the near future inevitable. The question is not “if”, only “when” the technology is available and technically mature.

Smart glasses will link available information’s and humans closer together. They feed augmented live information to the normal view during the people’s activities. Another question are the application areas of this technology: Where is it help- and useful and where can enterprises generate money. It is only a matter of time before smart glasses become a part of our daily lives.

Here is a list of Augmented Reality and smart glasses which are in development or already available. The list of course not closing. [4]

Epson Moverio Smart Eyewear

Epson Moverio BT-200 Smart Glass
Epson Moverio BT-200 Smart Glass

Meta Augmented Reality Headset

Meta 2 Smart Glass (Dev Kit)
Meta 2 Smart Glass (Development Kit)

Vuzix Smart Glasses

Vuzix M300 Smart Glass
Vuzix M300 Smart Glass

LaForge Shima

La Forge Optical - Shima Smart Glass
La Forge Optical – Shima Smart Glass

Optinvent ORA-2

Optinvent Ora-X Smart Glass
Optinvent Ora-X Smart Glass


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