Accurate OnSite Georeferenced Subsurface Utility Model Visualisation

In our modern life it public utilities like gas, electricity, water etc. are essential. Maintaining this infrastructure is a challenge since pipelines are usually buried under the surface. To properly maintain gas pipelines it is important to plan the maintaining process carefully to avoid traffic congestion or to prevent the gas from leaking and harming the local environment. The paper “Accurate OnSite Georeferenced Subsurface Utility Model Visualisation” which was at the SALENTO AVR 2015 presents a solution with AR technology.

The gas pipes, electrical wires etc. mostly only have a vaguely correct position. In most cases a the terrain has to be scanned to locate the exact position of the pipes and the depth. The scanning process takes in the information of the buildings and hydrants and the street borders to locate the utilities. The next step is usually marking the presumed positon of the utilities with spray paint on the road surface. The paper proposes to use AR to use the scanning data as an input to display the renderings of the presumed locations in the real world. Furthermore for the exact measuring of the street the use of robotic total stations (RTS) are proposed, which are important to measure the geolocation of an asset within millimetre accuracy. The system uses the RTS, a survey prism mounted on a pole and a tablet computer attached to the same pole.



The user is able to move the prism around and the display updates in real time and shows a 3D virtual excavation near the prism location.


Although the system is in the early stages it shows potential for the future development. Future Steps could involve the use of model and terrain renderings to help interpret the data, the system could be used to collect data on the site like hydrant and manholes location and load it a database, this technology could be used in other contexts like in construction work, building site monitoring, or augmentation of building walls.[1]



[1] S. Côté and A. Girard-Vallée Accurate OnSite Georeferenced Subsurface Utility Model Visualisation


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