Real World Use Cases

This page describes use cases in augmented reality. All cases will be introduced and considered the four dimensions of business models from Gassmann, Frankenberg and Csik “St. Galler Business Model Navigator”.

1. Customer – who are our target customers? In every successful business model, a product or service needs to understand exactly what are the relevant customer segments to address.

2. Value proposition – what we offer to the customer? It describes the offer to satisfy the needs of target customers. The value proposition describes all customer benefits of services and products.

3. The value chain – How to create value? It describes processes and activities together with the involved resources, skills and coordination along the supply chain of a service or product.

4. Revenue mechanism – how is value achieved? Why is a business model financially profitable? It contains aspects of cost structure and sales mechanisms. It answers the central question: How to achieve business value?

the four dimensions of business models
Picture: four dimensions of business models